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Katy Perry is one of the world’s biggest female popstars. From her album ‘One of the Boys,’ Perry’s bright, unique, surprising persona carved her own niche in pop music. “I Kissed A Girl” was one of the first major songs in the new millennium to discuss lesbian relationships. Perry was born in a religious home with two Pentecostal pastors as her parents. Therefore, her lean towards the sexual and surprising stemmed from her inability to grow up as a normal kid due to all of her household's restrictions. After quickly marrying actor Russel Brand, Perry dropped ‘Teenage Dream’ in 2010. Brand and Perry quickly divorced, but it wouldn’t be until 2013 that Perry would release ‘Prism.’ Throughout these massive albums and tours, Perry was known to dress in crazy costumes consisting of cupcake bras and retro, pin-up girl outfits. Perry’s image shifted between 'Prism' and her 2017 album ‘Witness.’ She had her “woke” moment: a term coined by the millennial generation that describes someone who becomes more socially and politically aware. Perry supported Hillary Clinton during her campaign and is a big believer in liberal viewpoints. ‘Witness’ reflects this change in Perry’s character, climaxed in a 96-hour YouTube livestream that led up to the release of the album. It included a therapy session and more psychoanalysis of Perry and her mental health. With this new unfolding of 2017 Perry, her “Witness: The Tour” will be as exciting as ever. Get Katy Perry tickets from Ticket Galaxy, and see her live in concert!

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